Oikos means home and habitat, and is the root word for ecology as well as economy


Oikosdesign specializes in integrative and generative design balancing human economy with nature's economy: design with deep and enduring aesthetics beyond cosmetic effects, where health, creativity, learning, and love are integrated with the vital energy animating the landscape; design which in turn engages and informs society.


Combining ecological design with the poetics of life, we pursue a ‘landscape' approach to design. In such, integration of landscape with architecture and urban design, and of space with process, is realized. To us, landscape is home, not scenery; architecture is a place for living, not photo object. Designing them is ordering time and process as much as ordering space, in both a material and immaterial sense.


Oikosdesign focuses on high quality and high value design of landscapes, buildings, and city enriched by cutting edge design research, particularly concerning pressing human and environmental issues. Our work is founded in the belief that aesthetics and design must serve to support human potentials and social equity as well as sustainability.


inclusive unity

creative balance