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DUTCH (RE)CYCLES – An Integrated/Cyclic Approach to Sewage Treatment, IBA Parkstad 2020, Parkstad Limburg, 2015


Awards       Project listed as 'Candidate' for IBA Parkstad 2020


Scope         Environmental Art Works, Landscape Design, Water, Sewage Infrastructures


Proposed is the creation of innovative sewage-cleaning infrastructures as unique places that physically and emotionally (re)connect people, water cycle, and sewage. Introducing a holistic vision, approach and process, following water as metaphoric model, story and experience, we will design multi-duty building/landscape units as PERFORMATIVE SYSTEM and TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE, demonstrating how INTEGRATION OF PROCESS/ FUNCTION/EXPERIENCE furthers sustainability, reduces wastefulness, improves sense of engagement and urban quality of life. We propose 2 pilot projects, each with different model character as best-practice examples for multi-functional water- purifying infrastructures. Our process will be transdisciplinary, participatory, and creative, combining landscape, architecture, specialty/eco-engineering and environmental art/events.