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ULSAN ECOLOGICAL PARK, Ulsan, 1996-2002:




Awards     President's Award 2009, IFLA_APR

                   (International Association of Landscape Architects, Asia-Pacific Region)

                   Invitation into  the Harvard Trustees Collection of Contemporary Landscape

                   Architecture at Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, 2006


Scope       Master Plan, Programming, Schematic Design of Landscape and Buildings,

                   Building and Landscape Design Development for the Central and Southern

                   Park Areas, Quality Control of the Northern Area Design Development


                   Conceptualization and Organization of an International Symposium with World

                   Specialists on Ecological Park and Art


Program   Swimming Pool, Ulsan City Art Museum, Solar Aquatics Center

                   Wedding Gardens and Facilities, Longevity Garden Series, Open Air Theater,

                   Community Gardens, Agricultural History and Farming Center, Playgrounds,

                   Promenade, Trail System, Parking


Team        Patricia Johanson and Oikos: Ecological Art

Size           370 ha

Client        SK Corporation



Ulsan Park goes beyond 'Design with Nature', and beyond the Western concept of pastoral park. It is a 'park in the city' and 'city in the park', a working landscape and teaching environment, restoring destroyed wetlands and forest.